Beamdancer Searchlight

Carlisle & Finch BEAMDANCER Searchlight
Self contained and trailer mounted with its own Multiquip Whisperwatt quiet diesel generator, the Beamdancer’s powerful xenon light source emits a brilliant beam of light five miles into the sky as it rotates 360 degrees.  Similar in effect to the large WWII carbon arc searchlights, rotating at a speed of about 3 RPM, the Beamdancer reaches out far and above other searchlights.  New technology makes the Beamdancer more compact, brighter and quieter than most other searchlights.  In fact, the Beamdancer has been seen from distances around Denver for 15 miles, often times being mistaken for the giant carbon arc lights.   As with any searchlight, weather conditions dictate visibility.  When optimal conditions exist, the Beamdancer outshines all other searchlights.

Product replica attachments can be added to the Beamdancer for increased product visibility. 

The Beamdancer’s Whisperwatt generator has additional outlets to power your sound system, lighting rig, advertising balloon or we can add another searchlight, giving your event that HOLLYWOOD feel with two beams of light crossing in the sky!

Skytracker 4K Searchlight  

Skytracker Four Beam Xenon Searchlights
The SKYTRACKER four beam searchlight has been the industry standard for multi-beam searchlights for nearly 30 years.  Operating at a power of 4000 watts per light, the SKYTRACKER puts out nearly 1.3 billion candle power.  Either self contained, trailer mounted with its own generator or wired to your shore power, our Skytrackers can be positioned anywhere necessary to bring attention to your special event.  All four beams of the Skytracker start straight up, forming one giant beam and gently spiral outward before drawing back together at the top again, creating a clover leaf pattern in the sky.  Skytracker searchlights have been used the world over for many years.  Our Skytracker units have lighted the skies during Denver's Democratic National Convention in 2008, for MSNBC, Rocky Mountain Honda Dealers, The Greeley Stampede, several of the local Denver Haunted Houses including The Asylum and the 13th Floor Haunted House as well as the Grand Prix of Denver and venues like The Filmore, Gothic Theatre, Pepsi Center, , Invesco Field @ Mile High and many more! 

Searchlight w/ Product Replica Attachment  

DayNight Product Replicas
Northern Lights Searchlights is one of only a few select searchlight companies with the ability to attach giant illuminated product replicas to our searchlights.  Product replica attachments can be made to resemble beverage cans, juice bottles, candy, popcorn buckets or can be printed with your custom product logo, all of this rotating high above the crowd, illuminated with a giant beam of light, pinpointing your location within the crowd.  The rotational feature of the DayNight advertising configuration can be operated during daytime hours either via generator or simple 120VAC outlet.  When the sun goes down, simply turn on the light switch for a spectacular light show drawing attention to your location.   

For more information on these Searchlights, please contact us at or (303) 456-0222.  We’d be glad to help make your next event come to life. 

Silverbeam Cirrus 850 Searchlight

Northern Lights Searchlights' newest addition is the Phoebus Silverbeam Cirrus. Its compact size allows it to be placed where the larger trailer mounted searchlights cannot. The 850 watt EmArc Cirrus has a light output nearing a 2K xenon light's output. This light can either be operated on standard 120V power or its own onboard quiet Honda EU2000 generator. It can also be run in tandem with the Beamdancer for a two beam Hollywood type effect. It has a variable beam angle and variable speed in either direction. This is perfect for fund raisers and Prom events.

Ad-Light 850W Searchlight

- Martin Imagescan intelligent image projector units for indoor and outdoor custom image projection. Corporate and school logo projection made easy

- Lightwave Research AF1000 Dataflash strobe lights with Mini Controller

- Rosco Delta 3000 high output fog machines with remote and DMX controls

-Le Maitre LSX low smoke converter for ground fog effects

- Le Maitre Neutron Haze profession haze machines

- QSC HPR122i powered speakers

- Martin Atomic 3000 DMX strobe light fixtures

- Additional special effect and strobe lighting ranging from 15 watts to 3000 watts




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